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By: nieyza zai

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To Tok Cu in Dubai...Zahra & Najwa miss u!!!!

This special pics is for tokcu zahra&najwa in Dubai...we & nyen atip misshhh u a lot (zara address onyang die as nyen atip)...thanks for the beautiful gifts..murah yer GAP kat sana? we wish that we could be there someday..(ishhh....kene kumpul duit nih...) nanny cu informed kitaorg yang tokcu demam kat sana sorang2 jer....makan obat yer..nnt susah hati kami kat sini.. whutever pun, tok cu take care kay kat sana..dun worry bout nanny cu,mal & mira..we will look after them here...insyaAllah ader rezeki kami akan ke sana...we luv you!!

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Pictures that I Love!!!!

Anak papa; Noor Adriana Zahra was born 150307

Anak papa jugak; Noor Aqilah Najwa was born 120309

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Our love ::NAJWA::

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tembam macam mamanya...

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Introducing our 2nd princess - Noor Aqilah Najwa binti Noor Amry

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alhamdulillah..i have safely delivered our second daughter on 12nd March 2009 @ 7.45am.
Experience kali ni quite berbeza from the first delivery...masa delivered zara dulu, i've been in the labour room for 14 hours..yelah, masa tu takder experience..bile dah dilated 1cm terus mintak warded..excited nak melahirkan..siap tanya midwife..bolehkan baby saya kluar hari ni? hehe..but now, even dah 1cm dilated, am&I decided nak balik rumah dulu..furthermore rumah-hospital will take only 10minutes jer..mlm tu i decided nak jalan2 dulu..mama&ayah dah risau2 takut terberanak..i steady lagi even terasa contraction..
dlm kol 12.30am tu i dah rasa lain & ajak am gi hospital. upon registration, nurse terus suruh masuk labour room and stay..aiyoo...dah start nervous dah..midwife informed baru 2cm dilated..fuhh..terasa lamanya nak 10cm..pastu contraction dah semakin kuat..every 2 minutes dah start contraction..midwife checked dah 5cm dilated..i decided to take epidural (the same experienced masa zara dulu)...masa Dr.Rosnita nak masukkan tiub epidural tu..Ya Allah..kali ni sakitnyer sbb tgh contraction and Dr.Rosnita terpaksa pull back..Allah jer tau masa tu..then bile contraction off cepat2 i suruh Dr. masukkan balik...kali ni mmg sakit nak masukkan tiub tuh..mujur am ada to give moral support ..
lepas inject epidural tu, dapatlah rest for 1 hour..then bile terasa mcm baby nak kluar, am terus panggil Dr.Kham, my O&G..yes..ready to pushhh...pushh pushhh baby still tak leh nak kluar..almost sejam jugaklah kali ni push.. serious...rasa dah weakkk sgt...then Dr.Kham informed baby still tinggi..rupa2nya baby facing up..muka keatas..bukan facing down..then Dr. suruh mengiring with hope that baby will facing down...pastu bila dah half an hour..i still can remember the time, it was already 7am..Dr.Kham suruh push..but she informed if still tak work out, die terpaksa use vacuum..but vacuum only been allowed to use for three times ONLY!! if still tak boleh, kene Ceasar.. ..then i still doesn't work..then Dr. asked '"can I used vacuum"..then what can i say just.."Please Dr"..Dr.Kham reminded me again that my effort should be i pushed as hard as i can...and Dr.Kham assisted me with vacuum...Ya Allah...finally...alhamdulillah...najwa safely delivered with vacuum as mode of delivery @ 7.45am...papa yang potong tali pusat najwa...lepas deliver tu, bile baby dah ready, nurse bagi i for breastfeeding terharunya tgk bile die pandai suck...but at the same time i was very very weak..rasa lemah gile..masa nurse nak turunkan i from bed nak bawak balik ke bilik pun..i almost collapse..nasib am & nurse tu cepat tahan..klo tak..nauzubillah...but whatever the experienced were very thankful bersyukur ke hadrat Allah s.w.t kerana memberi kami zuriat2 yang comel & sihat...mama papa sayang sangat zahra & najwa...sgt sgt

Noor Aqilah Najwa binti Noor Amry

First kiss from kakak

Peck from papa

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